Types of Marine Surveys

Pre-Purchase Survey

If you are serious about buying a boat, having a qualified marine surveyor inspect and report on the vessel is a prudent decision. With Harborview Marine Survey you can expect to receive a full detailed report on the boat and all its systems including the condition, inventory, structural integrity, and value of the vessel. A vessel haul out and sea trial are often performed and will provide further insight into underwater machinery and below the waterline hull condition.

Engine Oil Sample Analysis can be provided upon request, however, please allow up to 3 days for results.

Insurance Survey

An Insurance Survey is usually done at the request of a Marine insurance agency. It is not as comprehensive of a survey as a pre-purchase survey and focuses mainly on the boats core systems, structural integrity, and above all safety from any hazardous conditions while operating at sea. This type of survey is generally done in the water, but at times the insurance company requires a haul out and inspection of the wetted surfaces and underwater machinery.

Damage Claim Survey

Fire onboard? A rogue lightening strike ruin your day? Did a cleat come loose off of the dock in a windstorm and thrash the immaculate gelcoat on your hull?

Seller’s Survey

Looking to sell your boat and get top dollar? A sellers survey will provide you with a checklist of items that need to be attended to in order sell your boat in ship shape. This survey is intended to streamline the pre-purchase survey when a buyer is found and ensure a smooth transition in the sale of your boat.

Appraisal Survey

An appraisal survey is performed to provide the value of a vessel. These types of surveys are most often requested for the valuation of a boat regarding an estate settlement, donation, financing, or legal affairs. Depending on the current market and vessel condition, a fair value will be established.